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Retaining Wall Construction: How to Do it By Yourself?

To start making retaining walls, you must first ensure that you have all the ingredients needed. For every DIY project, you must buy safety goggles for eye protection. You will also need chisels for separating beams, wooden pegs, a kind of compacting tool, and of course, the stone that you plan to use will be used to build walls.

There are also many other ingredients that may be needed to complete your project, including brick pavers, aggregate base material, and sand. From there, you need to take some careful measurements to make sure the barrier you make will match the environment you plan to build. Prime Retaining Wall Blocks Contractor in Atlanta, Georgia provides you all the information about retaining wall blocks.

It is good practice to contact your local utility company to make sure there are no utility cables that are blocking you when you are digging into an area where you plan to install a barrier.

Dig & Excavation

When you make a trench where the stone will be placed to make a retaining wall, you want to remember that the rows under the rock or beams must be buried on the ground. You should expect a row of bottom stones buried under about an inch of land for every eight inches that you plan to stack your walls. 

Put a Retaining Wall in Place

Once the ditch has been dug, you are ready to put material on the wall. To start, you must enter the basic ingredients. The base should not be round, because this can seep into the soil under pressure. You will want to use sharp and angled particles that can be broken down and easily spread to the area. You need layers of four to six inches from these small pieces and then solidify them.