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4 Common Pool Repairs

Owning a pool is a big investment. Not only is the initial cost high, but operating and maintaining the pool can be expensive as well. 

Problems with the Pump

Both in-ground and above ground pools use a pump to circulate water through the filter. The most common problem with any pool is a bad motor on the filter pump. You can also get more info here regarding the pool repairing services.

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Problems with the Filter

Even if the pump is working correctly, the filter can still cause problems. Most often, pool owners do not clean the filter and water cannot cycle through. This can cause the pump to work harder and prematurely fail.

Leaky Pool

Leaks are a big problem with above ground pools. There are two main parts to these types of the pool; the walls and the liner. The walls give the pool structure and support the liner. The liner is the part that keeps the water in the pool. The liner can be scratched or cut by something sharp which leads to a leak.

Cracked Walls

In-ground pools do not often develop leaky walls, but older, concrete pools can crack over time because of settling ground. This is the biggest reason most new, in-ground pools are constructed of preformed fiberglass.