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Know Everything About EB 5 Immigrant Investor Program

Nowadays, in the USA, there are so many businesses that look upon the EB5 Visa Program for financial aid. It is a program which was originally set up at some regional centers and since then has expanded all over the country.

The US Government was the initiator of the EB 5 Visa program in an effort to entice financiers from different nations to support the American economy. These financiers are then permissible to live in this country as immigrants.

EB 5 Visa

One of the major advantages of this program is the multiple career opportunities they provide for the workers of America. This program is often known as an Immigrant Investor Program. Moreover, the investors are also able to get a Green Card Visa after they provide the proof of their success.

The EB5 Immigrant Visa Program has been emergent for years at present and has increased in popularity. In fact, in the current scenario, it has become one of the most prevalent and progressive visa programs that the USA has ever come up with.

Immigrant Investor Program

This program has been the only reason for thousands of jobs vacancies created in businesses throughout the nation. Yet, there are some mistaken beliefs that are still in the air regarding this particular program.

There are some who believe that this program arranges for Green cards for cash. Meritoriously they think that any substantial investment for a company will guarantee a green and free entry into the country. Moreover, this program often has been named the ‘green card for cash’ program.

But in reality, this visa program is an intricate process that involves investment and job openings and has strict criteria about who can join, when and what one has to do in order to meet the requirements.

Like this, there are several other misconceptions which you must clear before applying for it. You may click here to get more info on EB 5 Visa program.