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How to Pick the Right Mortgage Company

Getting any loans that are closed today is difficult on its own. If you happen to choose a mortgage company or loan officer who doesn’t know what they are doing, closing the loan will only be ten times more difficult. So, here are some tricks and tips that can help you choose the right one for your loan.

Make a list of 5-7 loan officers from several different mortgage companies. You might want to ask friends and family members they have used and asked if they would recommend them to you. If you are a medical professional, then you can look for mortgage professionals at

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Call all names on your list. If the loan officer answers their telephone when you call, write a star with their name. If they return to you within one hour, you can give those stars too.

If they don’t call you back or answer the phone, cross it from your list and continue. You do not need to enter into a working relationship with someone you cannot contact.

Ask the lender how many loans they have closed last month. Also, ask for the telephone number of the last 5 loans that they have closed. You can then interview other customers who really work with your potential lenders.

If they can’t or don’t want to offer a reference to you in the form of a happy customer, you have to move on to the next name on your list.