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Guidelines to Visit Russia without a Visa

Are you impatient to stop by Russia but the idea of requesting a visa is making your head spin? Enjoy a 3 day remain in beautiful Saint Petersburg and encounter all of the unforgettable sights this city has to offer without needing to make an application for a visa.

The visa procedure can unquestionably be long and tiresome, so if you are trying to escape on a 3 day trip with no hassle, all you will need is a passport! The Russian Federation enables foreign tourists without needing to research Saint Petersburg for 72 hours once they arrive into the port of Saint Petersburg. For getting more information about Russian visa services you can check out

 All passengers traveling in Helsinki, Finland or Stockholm, Sweden must book a chair for the sightseeing schedule in advance to secure a place and should have their passport gift before boarding the ferry. Your visit to Saint Petersburg has to be round-trip, so plan accordingly.

If you are just visiting for the afternoon, you won't need over a passport to sight-see, but if you intend on staying the night in Saint Petersburg, you need to present a resort voucher confirming payment to your area to the Border Guard Service. The 72-hour visa-free excursion is just applicable to people who travel with no vehicle. If you're planning to bring a car over on the ferry, then you have to get a Russian visa.

Explore amazing Russian churches such as the Church of the Savior on Blood where dramatic mosaics encircle the interior walls and ceilings while magnificent spires and vibrant domes decorate the exterior.  

Seeing Russia has never been simpler! With this exceptionally handy visa-free chance, your journey will certainly be a memorable one.